Our Mission

Our mission is to enable collaboration between Liberians and other experts at home and abroad. With a goal to foster sustainable development, especially focusing on developing strategies to reduce unemployment and poverty in rural and urban areas.


Our Story

We saw a need to fill the innovation gap in developing countries by bringing together experts in different fields, to brainstorm and find solutions to the problem the world poorest face.

Meet the Team

Our members are all passionate about making a difference in their community. Each founding member was drawn to FIC because of their desire to expand their passion to impact lives around the world.

Rose Joy

Rose Joy Karmoh


Passionate about helping people live better lives, she insists on not stopping until people in developing countries can feed themselves daily.

She feels no want should leave this earth because of a lack of simple routine medical needs. It is her hope that emergency medical service become available for everyone.

Steven E. Keller

Steven E Keller

Vice President

Passionate about technology, he believes that one can use data to change the lives of people around the world.
He hosts a Facebook Live show called "Liberia Shall Rise", proposing ideas every Saturday to help improve systems, processes, and the minds of Liberians at home and in the Diaspora.

Emmanuel Sapolucia


Passionate about healthcare and lab services. His dream is to bring research laboratories to developing countries to ensure that caregivers learn how to identify communicable disease early and provide a timely cure.

This he believes this will safe many lives.

Archie Profile

Archie Wilson

Board Member

Passionate about engineering, he feels the world, especially developing countries will be revolutionize if they consider engineering as the basis of development.

He hopes to use his engineering skills and passion to create opportunities for everyone in developing countries.



Kelvin L Endee

Board Member

Passionate about entertainment, he uses his skills to manage and create values for entertainers.

He hopes to use his skills to improve the entertainment industry in developing countries.

He feels that entertainers are artist and they should be pay for the great work or art they produce.

Next Steps...

Partner with us, or join our team lets use ideas to make this world a better place.